Ten principles and one key to educate correctly (2: Real love for each child).

The key of keys.

If we look at it as deeply and radically as possible, the keys of education and all the tasks that come with it are summed up in one word: loving (loving well!), which is thus the “key of keys.” And with it are its two corollaries:

1. To learn to love without ever, ever – unlike what often happens – assuming that one already knows how.

2. And without imagining that we are going to achieve it by magic, without doing our part to be a better person, and thus being able to love more and better every day.

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Corregir defectos…

¿Corregir defectos o fomentar cualidades?


¿Corregir defectos o fomentar cualidades? Es difícil convencerse, en la educación de nuestros hijos y en el trato con nuestro cónyuge, que fomentar cualidades es siempre mucho más rentable que corregir defectos; y que lo mejor que puede hacerse con los defectos es… ignorarlos.

Para los más recalcitrantes, me limito por ahora a transcribir, literalmente, el experimento que recoge Elisabeth Lukas.

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