Ten principles and one key to educate correctly (12: Cooperate with God)

In the end, educating a child
means doing everything in our power
so that he freely sets out on the path
that will make him a participant in God’s love
for all eternity!
God and the kids

The brief and rhapsodic collection of suggestions offered up till now would be even more incomplete if I did not mention this final and very key principle, which should accompany and complete each and every one of the preceding ones: paying recourse to God’s help.

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Ten principles and one key to educate correctly (8: Correct properly).

Our corrections should not limit so much as
channel our children’s energy,
thus multiplying their effectiveness.
Scolding and punishing… out of love

Encouragements and rewards are not normally enough for a healthy education. A kind reproach or a serene punishment, given at the right time, in the right proportion, and without unjustified regrets – which implies the essential and suitable reflection before taking actionwill help form the child’s moral criteria.

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